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News from Occultation

7th March 2017

√Član Vital - Distractions - Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

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We're delighted to announce preordering for three new Occultation/Fishrider releases.

The Distractions' Kindly Leave The Stage is the band's third and final album. There's an exclusive deluxe edition with: Kindly on 180g LP and CD, limited edition (only 250) Go Dark 10" 6-track mini-LP including lost Distractions classic Nothing lasts, 10" insert with sleevenotes by Steve Perrin, poster and postcard.

Next, we're very proud to offer the first vinyl edition of the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus's Mirror. Originally released on CD only in 1991, originals now fetch large sums online. This first LP version is on 180g vinyl and initial copies purchased from us include a properly packaged CD, poster and set of postcards. N.B. these extras are very limited. The band's last LP, Beauty Will Save The World, sold out quickly, we've only a few CDs left; we expect Mirror to go fast too.

Finally, √Član Vital's Shadow Self will be popular with those of you who enjoyed Death and the Maiden's LP a while ago, the bands share a member and dark synth textures. Initial LPs include free CD and poster.

Ordering info:

1) Individual LPs

2) Individual CDs

3) Digital (MP3 or high-res WAV), Distractions/RAIJ-only.

4) Packages. You can buy all three new releases (vinyl or CD), saving a substantial sum on both prices and postage. There's also a special Distractions vinyl bundle, if you missed the earlier records.

Those of you outside the benighted UK should find exchange rates in your favour at the moment and for now we're keeping our P&P rates the same, although our general costs are increasing sharply as a result of... well, you all know what's going on, don't you?

We expect to get the vinyl from the plant over the next couple of weeks and will begin shipping as soon as it arrives.

Other Occultation news

Work is nearing completion on the second Granite Shore LP, for release later in 2017. There are new albums by RAIJ and John Howard planned for 2018.