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"I'm a sucker for musical beauty, lyrical sadness and outsiderism, and they don't come more beautifully outsider than Jonathan Beckett. For me, stumbling upon Jonathan's music is a bit like chancing upon the ivy-covered remains of an architecturally significant stately home while out walking in the woods; a little decayed, ever so slightly scary perhaps, but beneath the ivy lie elegant mullioned windows, intricately carved stone bestiary and secret doors in the oak paneling."

Paul Simpson, The Wild Swans


That just about sums it up. The EP features three songs amounting to more than fifteen and a half minutes with a singular voice. She's A Vampire is peculiarly elusive... like the bird depicted on its sleeve, you can never be sure which way it's flying, towards or away from you. The second song, 1989, is a very different beast, using synthesisers and a drum machine to conjure up a certain period in time, with a lyric featuring a roll-call of the fallen... and a few who are still standing, including our own Wild Swans. The third song on the EP, Between Two Worlds, is back to more wistful, reflective territory, as Jonathan stands "on a landspit in September between two worlds" and eventually concludes a contract with himself that he will leave the past behind.


And what is that past? Well, it is what it is, of course. You might've noticed that at Occultation we don't tend to dwell too much on this... We look not at the water that's already flowed beneath the bridge but rather at the ebb and flow to come. Suffice it to say that these three songs have managed to step outside their own time capsules. So for now, wherever he's been all this time, whatever or whoever he's been waiting for, Mr Beckett is amongst us. However he might just slip through your fingers at any time...


She's A Vampire EP

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