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Factory Star

Angel Steps by OccultationUK
New Chemical Light by OccultationUK
Arise Europa! by OccultationUK

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Enter Castle Perilous is the first album by Factory Star. It features ten new songs by Fall and Blue Orchids founder Martin Bramah and has been, widely acclaimed as his best work in decades. The record, produced by Nick Halliwell (The Granite Shore) and engineered by Richard Turvey (The Wild Swans), was recorded in just three days in January 2011. It is raw and articulate, the sound of a band captured red in tooth and claw.

The album is available in gorgeously packaged vinyl and CD, both editions in full-colour heavy-duty 350gsm outer and inner sleeves and there's also special pricing for a package comprising both editions and/or other Occultation releases. There is an MP3-only version but 320k MP3s come free with all purchases of the physical album from us (you'll be e-mailed a link once your purchase has gone through).

Track listing and credits

Side one: 1. Angel Steps 2. Big Mill 3. Away Dull Care 4. Cheetham Bill 5. Black Comic Book

Side two: 1. When Sleep Won't Come 2. The Fall Of Great Britain 3. New Chemical Light 4. Stone Tumbling Stream 5. Arise Europa!

Martin Bramah: vocals & guitar

Hop Man Jr.: keyboards

Chris Dutton: bass

Tom Lewis: drums

All songs written by Martin Bramah, except Angel Steps and New Chemical Light written by Martin Bramah and Ann Matthews. Music arranged by Factory Star.

Produced by Nick Halliwell. Engineered by Richard Turvey, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, 15th-17th January 2011.

Backing vocals and hand claps: Ann, Nick, Hop Man, Chris ‘n’ Tom.

Mixed by Nick Halliwell and Martin Bramah at The Hidden Room, Exeter, 22nd-23rd January 2011

Mastered and cut by John Dent at Loud Mastering, Taunton

Sleeve photos by Jim Donnelly

Sleeve layout by Andy Chambers

Occultation Recordings MAB7DB011