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Deluxe vinyl reissue

Occultation Recordings are now releasing a deluxe reissue of The Wild Swans' The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years (Occultation DIONE7DD019). The deluxe reissue includes a first vinyl release for the original album, on LP1, while LP2 compiles all other material released on Occultation over the last five years, including the whole of the Tracks In Snow EP, only ever available on the band's June 2011 tour and from this website, as well as two previously unreleased tracks bookending the whole project, one of them the first demo recorded for the album back in August 2007, the other a brand-new piece recorded in April 2013. So this edition features all of The Wild Swans' recordings for Occultation, 2007-2013.

There's a comparison chart for the three vinyl editions here and we've also put up a gallery of images. You can order the Standard or Deluxe edition by choosing your region here, and also buy the vinyl reissue of Incandescent.


Side one

A1 Falling To Bits A2. Liquid Mercury (album version) A3. Chloroform A4. In Secret A5. English Electric Lightning (album version) A6. When Time Stood Still

Side two

B1. Underwater B2. Intravenous B3. Glow In The Dark B4. My Town B5. Lost At Sea B6. The Bluebell Wood

Side three

C1. English Electric Lightning (original 10" version) C2. Liquid Mercury (original 7" version) C3. Dark Times C4. Disintegrating C5. Poison C6. Maybe It's You (preview below)

Side four

D1. The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years D2. The Wickedest Man In The World D3. Half Life

A1-B6 recorded 2009-2011, released as DIONE7DB012, The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years album. C1 and D1 recorded November 2008, released as DIONE7D9001, English Electric Lightning 10" single. C2 and D2 recorded August 2009, released as DIONE7D9003, Liquid Mercury 7" single. C3-C5 recorded 2009-2011, released as DIONE7DB013, Tracks In Snow EP. C6 and D3 recorded August 2007 and April 2013 respectively, both previously unreleased.

Editions (comparison chart here)

1) Double LP only: no extras, just 2x180g LPs in a gatefold sleeve with full-colour inner sleeves.

2) Deluxe edition:1) 2x180LP, 2) CD in outer/inner sleeves 3) Poster 4) Postcard 5) badge 6) "Coldest Winter" song lyric insert, all in specially-printed outer packaging.

3) Super-Deluxe edition: 1) 2x180g LP in heavy gatefold sleeve with inners, all full-colour 2) Custom-made box, approx. 2" (5cm) deep and laser-engraved 3) custom printed letterpress insert 4) signed photo of Paul Simpson 5) gig ticket 6) CD in outer/inner sleeves 7) Poster 8) Postcard 9) badge 10) "Coldest Winter" song lyric insert. These'll be incredibly special and we've only been able to produce a very limited quantity of these as they're expensive and a huge amount of work to make. Most of these have now gone to people who signed up for them earlier in the year. We have just a handful left which can be ordered once you've chosen your region on this page.