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1) Order LP (inc. CD and ltd. poster)

2) Order CD

3) Order LP package (inc. poster, 1st DATM LP+CD and Stef Animal CD)

4) Order CD package (inc. 1st DATM and Stef Animal CDs)

The second album from Port Chalmers band Death and the Maiden creates a shadowy world within a world; populated by melancholy melodic synth waves, dreamy reverb washed guitars and vocals that celebrate the excruciating beauty and crushing weight of everyday life.

The band - Danny Brady (synths, programming), Lucinda King (vocals, Bass) and Hope Robertson (guitar, drums, vocals) - create a beautiful depth of sound, nestled between the programmed beats, synth arpeggios, dreamy guitars and a pulsing bass. As the album starts you find yourself washed up on a misty foreign shore bordered by Brady's beats, alternately drawn and driven by Robertson's riffs you follow them through a forest to a hall full of dancers, entranced by King's captivating vocals both accentuate and dispel the darkness of the sound.

Sounding at times wispy and ethereal, yet driving, pulsing and breathing life into the dreams of the dead. Continuing from their eponymous debut, the album conjures dreams of love, decay.

N.B. We have a very small (couple of dozen) copies of a special limited edition sleeve version, which is on glossier, lighter board than the standard. If you'd like this version please e-mail us when placing your order.