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Across The Door Sill

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John's track-by-track notes

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1) Vinyl. a) LP+limited edition insert+postcard+free MP3s b) LP+CD+limited edition insert+postcard+free MP3s. Please note that these are preorders. We expect to get the LPs within the next fortnight.

2) CD+limited edition insert+postcard+free MP3s.

3) MP3 or high-restolution WAV only.

When John Howard's 1975 album Kid In A Big World was reissued to wide acclaim in 2003, it marked his return to writing and recording, after twenty years of slience. Since then John has recorded new material for various labels, including his much-admired 2005 release, As I Was Saying and the internationally-feted 2015 album John Howard & The Night Mail. He has now settled comfortably with Occultation for what will hopefully be a long-term residency.

Recorded over a twelve-month period, Across The Door Sill features many-layered pianos and vocals. Whereas John Howard & The Night Mail was a "band album", Door Sill is very much a solo work. With five brand-new songs investigating the process of dreams and how one can imagine crossing previously-unseen thresholds, embarking on new adventures and challenges through differing timelines, the album was inspired by 13th Century poet Rumi's Quatrains and John views it as his most challenging release yet. One can hear the influence of his own songwriter heroes - Laura Nyro and Roy Harper in particular - with its long-form, languidly organic compositions and eschewal of the usual verse/chorus/middle-eight song structure. "An album that will take a few listens, I think", says John.

Indeed, although the album contains just five songs (see track listing below - a sixth comes as a free bonus download when you buy the album directly from us), it is emphatically not a mini-album, running for a full 20 minutes per side on vinyl, totalling 40 minutes on the CD version.

Across The Door Sill will be released on vinyl, CD and as a download in November 2016 although, as usual, copies should be available from this website earlier than that. As an added incentive, initial physical copies ordered from us will come with a special insert featuring full lyrics and a postcard (while stocks of these extras last).

The LP comes in a beautiful sleeve designed by Christian Cook, and the CD version is the usual Occultation vinyl-replica format with printed inner and outer. Only limited quantities of both formats will be available initially.

All physical copies of the album (LP or CD) purchased from this website come with an instant free download including not just the full album but also an additional eight-and-a-half-minute song called "Viewpoints", recorded at the same time as the album. "Viewpoints" is also included in the download versions of the album (MP3 and WAV).

Track listing

Side one

A1 Who Cares (9:52)

A2 Outward (9:54)

Side two

B1 Preservation (6:10)

B2 Pigs 'n' Pies (3:58)

B3 Stretching Out (9:21)