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Video for Thème de l'homme qui n'a pas cru en lui-même above.

Initial copies of the album ordered from the Occultation Shop will feature: 180g LP, CD with two bonus tracks, a poster and a set of postcards. Full contents below. Please note, stocks are limited.

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4) Packages. You can buy all three new releases (Élan Vital, Distractions and RAIJ on vinyl or CD), saving a substantial sum on both prices and postage.

N.B. We have very limited stock of a cassette version. If you'd like one please e-mail us.

Following on from the success of the Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus’ (RAIJ) Beauty Will Save the World - their first new album in nearly 20 years - Occultation Recordings are delighted to announce that the band’s second album Mirror will appear on vinyl for the first time. The 1991 album was originally a CD-only release on Probe Plus, and subsequently reissued in a CD boxed set by European label Infrastition.

Mirror is possibly RAIJ’s most diverse and eclectic collection. In addition to their signature blend of ethereal beauty and stark brutalism, the album burrows deep into the European psyche with multiple musical, literary and spiritual allusions. The myriad samples and field recordings on the album include dialogue from classic European experimental cinema, medieval Spanish poets, and the dying strains of Albanian and East German propaganda broadcasts.

Occultation’s decision to re-release Mirror comes after the commercial and critical success of Beauty Will Save the World and a resurgence of interest in the work of the elusive Liverpool-based collective who continue to defy musical categorisation. The album will be released with new artwork featuring a painting by Liverpool-based artist, filmmaker and photographer Paul Mellor. It depicts the opening frame of the film Mirror, by RAIJ’s longstanding muse Andrei Tarkovsky. The album will also be available on CD with two bonus tracks from their 1992 EP Liturgie pour la Fin du Temps.

RAIJ member Jon Egan commented;

Mirror was recorded against the backdrop of extraordinary events in Europe. Whilst politicians were physically remapping the continent, it felt like we were trying to remap the imaginative idea of Europe. Our work is always about exploration and a journey. We never set out with a destination and we are always uncertain about what we will encounter.”

RAIJ have also begun work on two new projects - a musical album and a proposed multimedia release - both scheduled for release on Occultation when completed.

Leslie Hampson added:

To come back to Mirror after so long, almost feels like a new release. We are also delighted that through our collaboration with Occultation we are in dialogue with a different and more diverse audience.”

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1x180g LP in full-colour heavy-duty outer sleeve and full-colour printed inner

1xCD in full-colour vinyl-replica outer and inner sleeve

1xA3 full-colour poster


LOGOS7E01052Postcard3 LOGOS7E01052Postcard2

LP track listing

A1. Shadowlands

A2. Inmaculado

A3. Joy of the Cross

A4. Hymn to Dionysus

A5. Nostalgia

B1. Thème de l'homme qui n'a pas cru en lui-même

B2. Psalm

B3. Nativity

B4. Man of Sorrows

B5. Thème Reprise

CD/digital track listing

1. Shadowlands

2. Inmaculado

3. Joy of the Cross

4. Le Monde du Silence

5. Hymn to Dionysus

6. Nostalgia

7. Thème de l'homme qui n'a pas cru en lui-même

8. Psalm

9. Nativity

10. Man of Sorrows

11. Dies Irae

12. Thème Reprise