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Occultation Recordings and RAIJ have decided to release "Prayer", the closing piece on the forthcoming Songs of Yearning album, on a "pay-what-you-like" basis on Bandcamp. The reason for choosing this particular piece should become obvious as you listen. There is a below but it's just a still because this is an unplanned release. Please share this post as widely as possible. Preordering info for "Songs of Yearning" and the limited edition companion album "Nocturnes" will be announced as soon as we can but, as we're sure you'll understand, at present we've no idea how the global situation might affect things. Nevertheless, we feel that the world needs music. If you can afford to please support this by paying, but if you can't please feel free to download it anyway. Thank you

Occultation Recordings and RAIJ.

RAIJ are Paul Boyce, Jon Egan, Leslie Hampson, Jessie Main, Eliza Carew, Zander Mavor, Hannah Harper

Recorded at Box Studios, Liverpool (engineer: Andy Foxxe) and Sound Gallery, Exeter (engineer: Duncan Chave).

Produced by Nick Halliwell and RAIJ.

Mastered by Nick Halliwell and Jason Mitchell at LOUD Mastering, Taunton.