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There are some live videos of Trick Mammoth on this page.

The band's Tumblr page is here.

You can order the debut Trick Mammoth album Floristry as an LP+CD (initial copies with free poster) here, or as a CD only here.

There are track-by-track notes by songwriter Adrian Ng here.

Below is a Radio New Zealand interview with the band.

Formed in early 2013, Trick Mammoth are a pop band from Dunedin, New Zealand. Fragile, lucid but rough around the edges, their songs are unintentionally sincere and bashfully honest, performed with open arms and a soft indifference. Drawing mostly on film, literature and poetry, their music discharges a shy pretension buried under layers of simplicity.

With comparisons ranging from Black Tambourine to The Carpenters, Trick Mammoth have crafted a sound saccharine sweet yet doused in death. In mid July 2013, the band recorded their first full length album with the assistance of Tex Houston (The Clean, The 3Ds).

Adrian Ng and Millie Lovelock play guitars and sing, Sam Valentine plays drums and sometimes sings.

Their debut album 'Floristry' will be released by Fishrider in the Southern Hemisphere at the end of January 2014 and by Occultation north of the Equator in February. However we are now taking orders and copies purchased directly from us (LP+CD or CD-only) are shipping now, including a free poster with all LPs while stocks last.