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We're proud to be releasing the Temporary compilation from our New Zealand sister label Fishrider Records in the UK and Europe, with Ba Da Bing Records of New York doing the same in the USA.

The compilation is available from the Occultation Shop as a vinyl LP with a free full-colour magazine (see pictures below), at a bargain price. The magazine features an article by Phil Wilson and there's also an option to buy it together with the new June Brides single at an even more attractive price. A CD version is available here.

TemporaryMagSam TempMagFront1

T E M P O R A R Y - Selections From Dunedin's Pop Undergound 2011-2014


The past few years have been a remarkable time in Dunedin for music. Everyone goes on about the 80s being Dunedin's golden decade for music, but there's precious metal being formed here right now - as indeed there was in the 90s and the 00s. Young musicians today live in the shadow of the past everywhere, not just in Dunedin. Nostalgia seems to haunt every label, festival, music publication and Record Store Day. What was once about the thrill of the new now seems to be more about the "re-new". All of this is the reason for Fishrider Records compiling 13 favourite young Dunedin bands right now onto an LP and asking local music writer Sam Valentine (also in three of the bands) to edit a 24 page magazine of words and images to give a flavour of what's happening here. Five of the bands were already associated with Fishrider Records - Opposite Sex, The Shifting Sands, The Prophet Hens, Males and Trick Mammoth. Together with the others, they represent an interconnected sub-part of a wider vibrant music scene. Most of the 13 bands here exist in the same place at the same time (or, in the case of the defunct Mr Biscuits, spawned two current bands on the compilation). Most have played shows together. Many share members with each other. The compilation includes previously unreleased songs from Males, Opposite Sex, Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union and Trick Mammoth. The rest of the songs are just as likely to be unknown to most even though they have been released and available, mostly only in digital form. Recent Fishrider releases have helped generate an interest worldwide in whatÕs currently happening in Dunedin today. They also helped get the attention of New York based label Ba Da Bing! Records. Dunedin artists like The Dead C and Gate already feature on the label, and they are set to release a solo album by former Dunedin resident Hamish Kilgour. So, when they heard the compilation, they were keen to help update the story of music from Dunedin for US audiences through a co-release.

SIDE A 1. Mavis Gary - "Dim the Droog" 2. Death & the Maiden - "Flowers For the Blind" 3. The Prophet Hens - "All Over the World" 4. Males - "Dead Aware" 5. Mr Biscuits - "My Plums Are Ripe" 6. Opposite Sex - "Supermarket" 7. Strange Harvest - "Amnesia"

SIDE B 8. The Shifting Sands - "All the Stars" 9. Astro Children - "Gaze" 10. Kane Strang - "Winded" 11. Bad Sav - "Buy Something New" 12. Scattered Brains Of the Lovely Union - "Party To Your Om" 13. Trick Mammoth - "Home Video"