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LP+CD bundle with Everlasting Yeah/Revolutionary Army

3xCD bundle with Everlasting Yeah/Revolutionary Army

If you went up and over the hill behind Port Chalmers, Dunedin, you might stumble across the rundown shack and converted wool-shed whence the Cosmic Radio Station was first beamed into the Pacific ether.

Head back to Port Chalmers itself and there stands Chick’s Hotel. Tiny it may be, but it’s hosted shows by Sebadoh, Stephen Malkmus, J Mascis, Sharon van Etten and Parquet Courts, amongst many others, and it’s also the epicentre of the vibrant Dunedin pop underground. The venue is run by the three members of The Shifting Sands: Mike McLeod (guitar, vocals), Tom Bell (bass) and Jake Langley (drums) who, even with the responsibility of providing radio for the Cosmos and bringing bands to Dunedin, still managed to undertake a 2014 US West Coast tour supporting David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights.

The eye-popping sleeve, by renowned Port Chalmers artist Jim Cooper, gives some idea of the psych-dealing within. Yet this is the Cosmic Radio Station and things are not as they might seem. First and foremost this is an album dripping melody through the shifting haze, with shimmering strings, harmonies and the aforementioned Mr Kilgour lending his inimitable guitar to two songs.

The cosmic radio station is on air. Tune in... turn on... pop out.

Cosmic Radio Station is released by Fishrider Records (NZ) and Occultation Recordings (UK) in October 2015.

Track listing

A1 Waiting For The Sun

A2 All The Stars

A3 We All Fall Down

A4 Making It Through

A5 Whareakeake (pron. far-eh ah-keh ah-keh)

B1 Should Be Better

B2 Dreaming To Keep Awake

B3 Coming Back

B4 Abstract Objects

B5 Radio Silence