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The Distractions Black Velvet EP

Press release by David Quantick

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Black Velvet EP

They were the great lost band of 1980. There was one superb single on Factory – the aching Time Goes By So Slow – one album on Island – the brilliant Nobody’s Perfect – and not a lot else. Now all that is to change. Not only are the Distractions getting their first proper career retrospective with a forthcoming Occultation compilation, but also Distractions singer Mike Finney - the most soulful voice of the new wave - and guitarist Steve Perrin, inventive and moody, return with the first Distractions record for a very long time.

Recorded in the mid ‘90s, these new Perrin/Finney songs show that all the melodic brilliance, lyrical excellence and the Distractions’ unique blend of melancholy, humour and longing never goes away. Black Velvet is a slow burning fountain of intensity, while If You Were Mine is one of the most powerful songs the band has ever recorded and the reworking of Still it Doesn’t Ring adds greater muscular melancholy than before.

Later this year, the Distractions will follow this EP with completely new music, recorded in Liverpool this summer. And all these releases from different eras point to one thing: the timeless quality of the Distractions’ music. In 2010, as in 1994, 1980, and 1978, Mike Finney is still one of the best vocalists around, Steve Perrin is still an extraordinary guitarist. The only thing that’s changed is that the Distractions are no longer a great lost band – they’re just a great band.

David Quantick

Details: The Black Velvet digital EP is available now from the Occultation website and will be released worldwide, via the usual platforms, on 13th September 2010. It will be followed by the Come Home EP, on 12" vinyl and digital download, in November 2010 and then the Nothing compilation album early in 2011.

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Click here to purchase the 12" single, or here to buy a 12" single plus a promo CD (limited) or here to purchase the EP as MP3s files only - no need to do both, you'll get MP3s sent out immediately and free of charge if you buy the 12" and/or promo CD version.

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