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The third Distractions album, Kindly Leave The Stage, (YMIR7E1050) will be released on 12th May 2017 not even five years after the critically-acclaimed The End of the Pier. The new LP will be out on 180g vinyl, CD and download. There will also be a very limited Deluxe edition (250 only) including an LP and CD of the album, a 10" mini-LP, The Distractions Go Dark with a 10" insert featuring sleevenotes by Steve Perrin, and the first 100 will also come with a poster and a postcard. This Deluxe package will only be available from us and our partners Fishrider Records in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ordering info:

1) Individual LPs

2) Individual CDs

3) Digital (MP3 or high-res WAV)

4) Packages. You can buy all three new releases (√Član Vital, Distractions and RAIJ on vinyl or CD), saving a substantial sum on both prices and postage.

Track listing:

A1. A few Miles more (Perrin)

A2. Last to leave (Perrin)

A3. Talking to myself (Perrin)

A4. What the Night does (N. J. Halliwell)

A5. The Fire (Perrin/Halliwell)

B1. Wake up and Kiss me goodbye (Perrin/Halliwell)

B2. Nowhere (Perrin)

B3. The Connection's dropped again (N.J. Halliwell)

B4. Tell them I'm not here (Perrin)

B5. The End of the Pier (N.J. Halliwell)

Mike FINNEY: vocals

Steve PERRIN: guitar, vocals

Nick HALLIWELL: guitar, vocals

Arash TORABI: bass

Ian HENDERSON: drums

Produced by Nick Halliwell. Engineered by Duncan Chave at Sound Gallery, Exeter, 18th-20th September 2015. Mastered by Nick Halliwell and Jason Mitchell and cut by John Dent at Loud Mastering, Taunton.

For Kellie, with all our love.


LP/CD front cover



KindlyPostcard GoDarkPostcard

Postcards (one with each Deluxe set)