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At last... It's here, the 40th anniversary reissue of the first Distractions album, with all the singles, plus demos and remixes...

Nobody's Perfect 2020

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CD1: "Nobody’s Perfect”, 1979-81

1. Waiting For Lorraine

2. Something for the Weekend

3. Boys cry (when no one can see them)

4. Sick and tired

5. Leave you to dream

6. Louise

7. Paracetamol Paralysis

8. (Stuck in a) Fantasy

9. Nothing

10. Wonder Girl

11. Still it doesn't ring

12. Untitled

13. Looking for a Ghost

14. Valerie

15. It doesn’t bother me

16. One Way Love

17. Something for the Weekend

18. What’s the use?

19. Twenty-Four Hours

20. Ghost of a Chance

21. Love is not for me

22. Leave me

CD2: "Ride Your Ideas Ragged”, 1978-80

1. Pillow Fight

2. Sick and tired

3. Still it doesn’t ring

4. Valerie

5. Doesn’t bother me

6. Nothing

7. Maybe it’s Love

8. Too Young

9. Time goes by so slow

10. Pillow Fight

11. It doesn’t bother me

12. One Way Love

13. Waiting For Lorraine

14. Something for the Weekend

15. Boys cry (when no one can see them)

16. Sick and tired

17. Leave you to dream

18. Louise

19. Paracetamol Paralysis

20. (Stuck in a) Fantasy

21. Nothing

22. Wonder Girl

23. Still it doesn't ring

24. Untitled

25. Looking for a Ghost

26. Valerie

N.B. The LP version features CD2 tracks 13-26, i.e. the remixed version of the album. See full source details below.


1-14: Nobody’s Perfect Island LP ILPS 9604. Produced by Phil Chapman and Jon Astley at Revolution, Manchester, 14/1/80-6/2/80. Extra instruments and vocals by The Frozen Jubblies.

15-16: Island 7" WIP 6533. Produced by Jon Astley, engineered by Phil Chapman at Strawberry Sound, Manchester

17-18: Island 7" WIP 6650. Produced by John Adcock at Strawberry Sound, Manchester, mixed by The Distractions and Brandon Leon.

19-21: And Then There’s… THAT 7” EP, THAT1

22: From Fools Rush In Where Angels Dare To Tread Martyrwell compilation LP MARY 141. Produced by Richard Strange, engineered by Andy Rose and Jon Astley.


1-4: Previously unreleased demos. Engineered by John Brierley at Cargo, Manchester, September 1978.

5-8: You’re Not Going Out Dressed Like That. TJM 12” EP TJM2. Produced by Brandon Leon, engineered by Phil Bush at Arrow Sound, Manchester, 9-10/11/78

9-10: Factory 7” FAC12. Produced by Brandon Leon, engineered by Phil Bush at Indigo Arrow.

11-26: Credits as CD1 1-16. Remixed by Nick Halliwell.


Mike FINNEY: lead vocals

Steve PERRIN: guitar, backing vocals (except CD1, 19-22)

Adrian WRIGHT: guitar, backing vocals

Pip NICHOLLS: bass, backing vocals

Alec SIDEBOTTOM: drums

Arthur KADMON: guitar (CD1, 19-22)

All tracks except for CD1 19-22 and CD2 5-8 have been remastered from the original analogue tapes. The tapes to those tracks are long-lost. One real surprise was that we found the tape to the Factory single and we think you'll be pleased...

Mastered by Nick Halliwell and Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering, Taunton, UK.

Sleeve-notes by David Quantick, Nick Halliwell and Nick Stewart.

The basic idea is that CD1 gives you the complete Island recordings plus the four tracks the band released after leaving that label. CD2 offers a different perspective, opening with four demos recorded a matter of weeks before the TJM EP, which've never been released before. Then comes that debut 12". Next... FAC12. Although it has been anthologised, all previous CD appearances have used the master from the Factory "Palatine" boxed set. However, unexpectedly the master tape turned up so this is a fresh transfer from it which has been newly remastered for this release. It sounds pretty stunning, we feel (video below). The rest of CD2 is Nick Halliwell's remixes, which aimed to get back to the five-piece band that made those earlier recordings, stripping away a lot of the overdubs.