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You can click here to purchase a promo CD of the EP (limited) or here to purchase the EP as MP3s files only - no need to do both, you'll get MP3s sent out immediately and free of charge if you buy the promo CD version..

In the mid-1990s, after a fifteen-year silence, there were fresh Distractions. Original vocalist Mike Finney and guitarist/principal songwriter Steve Perrin put together a new version of the band, playing a handful of gigs around North-Western England. They also entered the studio run by bass player Nick Garside in Manchester and, with Garside on bass and Bernard Van Den Berg on drums, recorded a series of songs, many of these had been written for the original incarnation of the band but never recorded.

The band did record one song that the original line-up HAD done, Still It Doesn't Ring, which appeared on the band's criminally lost debut LP Nobody's Perfect..

These recordings stand comparison with anything they did in their earlier days - in fact the lead track on this EP, Black Velvet, is rapidly becoming one of THE classic Distractions songs.

The third song on this EP, If You Were Mine, features a truly astonishing vocal performance from Mike.

Occultation will be releasing an EP of three songs recorded recently by yet another new Distractions line-up in a couple of months' time, More news on that to follow.


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